Reservations are required.  Unscheduled visits at the ranch are not welcome.  We will need a party profile at the time of inquiry.  This is best provided using our ‘Contact‘ page. The rider profile includes age, weight, height and riding experience for each participant.  This input helps us make decisions on mixed group compatibility as well as providing the information we need to have the right horse and saddle ready when you arrive.

Limitations - Age, Weight and more:

Due to the inherent dangers associated with horseback riding we generally limit the age of our riders to no less than twelve years of age.  As horses are physically limited in how much weight they can safely carry we have a rider weight limit of 230 pounds.
Riders must be physically fit, sound in body and mind, and be able to understand directives given in the english language.
For wildfire liability reasons and in consideration of our other guests we are strictly non-smoking on the entire ranch premises, at trailheads and on rides.  If you have a smoker in your group please consider booking with someone else.
Our parking area is not RV accessible.
Dogs are not welcome here… they poo in our client interface and frighten and displace the wildlife that consider this place home.


If you are using a card to pay for both deposit and balance, we take full trip fare at the time of booking.  If you would prefer to make a 50% deposit using a card, and bring cash for the balance when you arrive that will work just fine. We don’t process cards at ride time.
Payment may be made by Visa or MasterCard using the Secure Payment Gateway below.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

After you have made your reservation we will likely turn away other clients for the same date and time.  For this reason 50% of fare is nonrefundable except in cases where we have to cancel as a result of severe weather and the ride can’t be rescheduled.  
The remaining 50% of payment will be fully refundable should you be unable to make the ride for any reason.  No refunds will be given on any ride in progress.
Please note: a little rain does not constitute severe weather.  If you only want to ride under blue skies, don’t book your ride until a day or two before you plan to go, when you can get an accurate weather forecast.


Each participant will be required to sign a waiver releasing Medicine Lake Outfitters from all liability.  While we consider our operation to be as safe as any you will find, and we have a blemish free track record, there are always inherent risks in riding horses.  Excitement to motion is the very essence of the equine’s nature.  Horseback riding is adventure sport, your safety cannot be fully assured.
Riders under the age of 18 will need the signature of a parent or legal guardian.