MEDICINE LAKE OUTFITTERS offers guided horseback riding on two hundred acres along the Gallatin River just minutes from Bozeman.

Our bridle trails pass through a Cottonwood Forest that is wildlife rich.  Bald Eagles, Red Tail Hawks, Sandhill Cranes, Wild Turkeys and a variety of water fowl are numerous here.   Whitetail deer, coyote, fox and beaver are often seen.

The ride is paced at a leisurely walk.  There are beautiful vistas of the Bridger Range, Hyalites and Spanish Peaks.

Generally our party size is from four to six riders. If you have at least five in your group we will be happy to book the ride for your party exclusively.

We have an age limit of 12 and a weight limit of 230 lbs. We are strictly non-smoking on the entire premises.  Please read the Booking Conditionspage for more information before calling. We will need a brief rider profile before we can tell you if we are able to take your party out.  This is best provided by email using our Contact’ page.

We offer instruction in horseback riding for those who need it.  We do our best to match horse to rider according to the rider’s skill level.

RATES:  Two Hours – $120  


We are open for the season.

June, with its verdant new growth grass and spring flowers is a beautiful time of the year here along the river.

The whitetail does are birthing tiny spotted fawns.  Sandhill cranes and Canadian geese are nesting. The wild turkey toms are still in bright breeding plumage and are strutting and gobbling for the hens attention. 

It feels good to be horseback in the warm spring sun again.

We have an opening for two or three riders on a full day ride July 2nd. Visit the Mountain Day Rides page for more information.